New Board Member Elections Offer Opportunity for Brown Act Refreshers

November 2012

Practical Pointers from the F3 Client Services Group

Following November elections, boards of trustees in public school and community college districts typically reorganize their boards, adding newly elected members to their governance team and reassigning positions on the board, including president, vice president and clerk.  Like all government officials, these new trustees should be educated about the Brown Act.

The Ralph M. Brown Act is found in Government Code sections 54950 through 54963.  The Brown Act is the set of laws that governs the process and procedures for elected boards to conduct their meetings.  The Brown Act also sets forth, in essence, a code of conduct for elected board members.

As this is likely an entirely new set of rules for your incoming board members, Districts with a new governance team should consider participating in a Brown Act workshop or refresher course including the implications of social media and Board members’ use of email. 

There are numerous options available to boards of trustees that seek training in the Brown Act, including workshops and webinars offered by the California School Boards Association (CSBA), and the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA). 

Practical tips:  

  • Consider conducting a Brown Act refresher course at the Board reorganization meeting. This will allow the Board to educate members of the public in attendance at the meeting, including parents, teachers, administration and the media.
  • Hold a study session and invite key constituents.  This approach will allow the governance team to have a more in depth examination and conversation about the Brown Act. 
  • Register Board members and key constituents for a Brown Act webinar or workshop.  This will allow the Board members and attendees to be educated in proper meeting conduct, as well as offer the possibility to ask questions of the presenters.


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Prepared by Melanie A. Petersen and Lynn Murphy. 
Melanie is a partner in the firm’s San Marcos Office and
Lynn Murphy is a member of F3’s Client Services Group.

F3’s Client Services Group is a bank of education professionals who complement the firm’s legal services with practical advice and support across governance, leadership and administrative issues.

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