New Law Delays Term Starting Date for Newly Elected Board Members

October 2018


The commencement of the term for a newly elected school district or community college district board member currently begins on the first Friday in December. A new law, Assembly Bill ("AB 2449"), pushes back the commencement of a newly elected board member's term by one week. As a result, a newly elected member's term will now begin on the second Friday in December. This change could impact the first regularly scheduled meeting with newly elected board members, which typically occur on the second Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of December.

Because AB 2449 is effective January 1, 2019, this change will not affect members elected in the November 2018 elections. In anticipation of these changes going into effect next year, however, school districts and community college districts should review and amend, if necessary, their board bylaws to ensure that the first regularly scheduled meeting after a November election occurs on or after the second week of December.

If you have any questions regarding AB 2449 or require review and revision of board bylaws, please contact one of our six offices.

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