Client Services

Public education leaders today face mounting challenges with limited resources, and
F3's Client Services is prepared to help.

Created to assist our clients with the communications, governance and leadership issues that frequently pose legal questions and concerns, F3's Client Services Group brings together a bank of experienced education professionals who offer education administrators and governance teams coaching,provides training, workshops, support services and communications support for administrators and governance teams.


We Can Help With:

Crisis Communications, Communications/Community Outreach
and Ongoing Media Relations

In A Crisis or To Help Avoid One

  • Assist with messages for media, employees, parents and community members
  • F3's crisis communications services are available on an as-needed basis for all clients

Build Confidence in Your Organization

  • Create communication plans to support LCAP outreach, help stakeholders understand and embrace the changes presented by 21st century education initiatives

Working With The Media

  • Interview preparation and tips for working with reporters to build greater understanding for public education and support for your organization
  • Strategies for balancing media requests for information with employee and student rights

Creating Strong, Focused and Productive Governance and Leadership Teams

Productive, Purposeful Governance Teams

  • Coaching and mentoring to build strong governance team
  • Assistance to build strong administrative teams
  • Establishing protocols for superintendent/staff and Board communication that are Brown Act compliant
  • Processes for setting clear and measurable goals
  • Board and superintendent evaluation tools

Leadership in a Changing World

  • Creating transition and succession plans
  • Employee evaluation policies and procedures
  • Assistance with your first 100 days action plan for superintendents and assistant superintendents
  • Strategies for turning the Board's vision into a measurable action plan
  • Steps for building strong relationships with county and city leaders
  • Strategies for developing strong administrators

Building Understanding for School Budgets and Bargaining Challenges

Aligning Spending with Educational Goals

  • Create communications outreach campaigns
  • Design strategies for explaining school finance
  • Develop negotiations strategies
  • Help create and manage bond and parcel tax oversight practices
  • Create support materials to explain negotiations

Enhancing Special Education Programs for Student Achievement and Legal Compliance

Support Educational Excellence

  • Analyze special education operations and practices with focus on strengthening instructional excellence
  • Provide recommendations for cost containment while ensuring educational benefit and program compliance
  • Develop multi-year implementation plans

Strengthen Program Foundations

  • Conduct programmatic assessments and reviews
  • Mentor new administrators
  • Provide staff training and professional development focusing on legal requirements as clients move toward embedding technology
  • Implement Common Core Standards
  • Address the needs of a diverse student population

Your Needs Determine the Service Model

We structure our services to meet each client’s unique needs. Some prefer workshops; others want workshops and ongoing support services. In some cases, we offer regular on-site office hours for clients who are working through complex topics and prefer to have support services on-hand.  

F3’s Client Services Team

Terilyn Finders
Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs
Former Trustee,
Las Virgenes Unified School District
Communication/media and crisis communications experience

Roy A. Combs
F3 Partner
Chair, Governance & Leadership Practice Group
Former In-House Counsel,
Oakland Unified School District

Victoria McKendall
F3 Contract Education Consultant
Former Administrative Coordinator of Special Education,
Due Process Department,
Los Angeles Unified School District

John W. Norlin
Special Counsel

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