Education For All Photo Contest Winners

Celebrating Success in Public Schools

Each year the F3 Student AwardsTM recognizes talented student photographers in the "Education For All" contest.

High school seniors enrolled in California public schools submit original photographs that illustrate the theme of Diversity. Collaboration. Achievement.

It has been our honor to present each finalist with a $1000 award. We join our partner, the California Association of African-American Superintendents and Administrators (CAAASA), in congratulating these talented students.

2018 Photography Contest Winners

Mittleman, Andrew - 500 x 311

Photo credit: Andrew Mittleman - Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach USD

My photo was taken at a preschool outside of Cape Town in South Africa. The photo is of my Mom and her 4-year-old preschool students. My Mom is a cancer survivor and travelled to South Africa Cancer and HIV clinics to show patients that there is hope after a tough diagnosis. She volunteered for several weeks at the center’s preschool to teach the patients’ children English. Outside of school hours, she met with patients to talk with them and share a message of hope.

My photo fits the theme of diversity, collaboration and achievement quite well. It shows the possibility, purpose, and meaningful connections in the lives of those connected by a common thread. It also shows what good can do in our world. Visiting South Africa and learning about the devastation of apartheid, HIV, and lack of access to cancer care left us all empowered to make a positive impact on the world. This trip was one more “push” for me to decide to study biology in college.

 Bawaney, Shayan - 500 x 334

Photo credit: Shayan Bawaney - Dublin High School, Dublin USD

This photo is simply a group of students being led by a teacher. It is a very simple, common scene we see everyday in classrooms. Yet, when this image is broken down, it has a lot more to offer.

The first thing noticed is the different ethnicities and backgrounds of these students. It is clearly a diverse group of people and they are all working together, which leads into the next part of the theme. Besides the obvious differences these students and teacher have, they were able to put those aside to come together to learn and grow. The final aspect of this image is actually in the background, where flags from top universities are seen around the room. Some of the students in this photo have already achieved major goals and been admitted to top schools in the U.S. and their collaboration and hard work over the past four years has paid off.

At my school, I see these themes present every day and knew that had to be represented in my photograph. This image clearly represents how a very common scenario at my school can be applied to the message of diversity, collaboration, and achievement.

 Tinling, Lillian - 500 x 384

Photo credit: Lillian Tinling - Vista High School, Vista USD

Diversity. A mixed group of people or things with different attributes. Collaboration. Working Together. Achievement. Reaching a goal whether big or small. Marching band.
A place that takes a diverse group of people from age to ethnicity to religious beliefs and makes them collaborate to achieve a goal together. Whether it's personal or educational, band takes the sound of many to make one sound. In my image you see myself with three other amazing band members. Each of us different color, age, and grade, holding up a silver medal of 2017. Yes, while it may not be gold, this silver medal represents so much more than just second place to all of us in the Vista High Band & Pageantry Corps. We went to SCSBOA 2017 Division 5A Championships in sixth place. We left with silver medals around our necks, jumping four places from sixth to second, and leaving SCSBOA judges questioning the way they score. I'm proud to say that I've been able to be a part of this amazing group for four years and I'm finishing out this journey with two gold medals, two silver medals, and a first place performance from Carnegie Hall. Apart from band, each member has their own things they do. But once we take out our instruments and slip on our uniforms, we are one. One Band. One Sound.

Hughes, Jamiyah photo 500 x 335

Photo credit: Jamiyah Hughes - Hillcrest High School, Alvord USD

Soar to new heights . . . This photo speaks diversity considering how far ethnic dancers have come within the 21st century. In the past African-American dancers in particular experienced racism in all genres of dance. Pointe is a specialized dance skill and not many dancers achieve this level of dance.

Dance bridges the gap amongst various races, cultures and backgrounds.

Elisara, Ethan - photo 500 x 335

Photo credit: Ethan Elisara - Julian High School, Julian HSD

Patrick and I met on the first day of kindergarten. Jessica and I have been in the same homeroom class for 11 years. Ryan and I have been members of the same cross country team, mountain bike team, camera class, and Boy Scout troop for many years. We all live in a diverse small town in the San Diego mountains with a population of 1500 people. In a small town everyone knows everyone, and it is necessary to collaborate to get things done. Throughout my life I have worked with all three of them - and many others - on school projects, plays, homecoming parade floats, school dances, local train maintenance, bike tracks, American Legion fundraisers, and countless community events.

Now we are at the end of our high school career and we are in the main office of the ASB, shown here working together in our school office. We work together to achieve good things for our school and community because that's what we have learned growing up in my town; to accomplish anything, we must work together.

2017 Winners

Claire Choi, Orange County School of the Arts
Leslie Corral, Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences
Sophie Crawford, Rancho Buena Vista High School
Jess Perez, Rancho Buena Vista High Schooll
Dameon Williams, Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences

2016 Winners

Kayla Askari, Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences
McCall Fellows, Folsom High School
Mayra Alvarado Mena, Vista High School
Vanessa Perez, Rancho Buena Vista High School
Triston Roberts, Rancho Buena Vista High School

2015 Winners

Ruby Gonzalez, Vista High School
Omar Onofre Morales, Vista High School
Krystal Lau, Davis Senior High School
Jennifer Macedo, San Marcos High School
Maria Rios, Valley High School

2014 Winners

Keeland Bowers, L.A. City High School for the Arts
Carlos Bonilla, Vista High School
Efrain Jacobo, Vista High School
Mauricio Lutt, Highland High School
Summer Gadsby, Dos Pueblos High School

2013 Winners

Andrea Fairbanks, Rancho Buena Vista High School
Ingrid Vasquez, Rancho Buena Vista High School
David Carter, Culver City High School

2012 Winners

Charles Polk, Quartz Hill High School
Lawrence Sims, Palmdale High School
Sonia Vasquez, Rancho Buena Vista High School

2011 Winners

Rasmikah Al-Arfaj, Oceanside High School
Jason Kennedy, Clovis High School
Marcus Robles, Oak Hills High School

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