Diversity remains the greatest asset to the evolution of California's cultural prominence.

We at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP celebrate human diversity and recognize its power as a critical factor for success. Moreover, we share our clients' vision that  the full potential of every student must be recognized, nurtured, and actualized, regardless of cultural heritage or socioeconomic background.

As such, we pride ourselves on a commitment to celebrate and embrace cultural diversity by actively recruiting, developing, and advancing legal and support staff professionals from a broad range of experiences and backgrounds to appropriately reflect the communities we serve, ensuring relevant, comprehensive responses to our clients' needs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing a supportive and collegial environment for all firm employees where racial and ethnic minorities, women, people of various ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, and disabilities can thrive in an atmosphere of inclusion and respect.

F3's dynamic cultural composition was acknowledged in the September 2009 issue of Lawyers Club News, where we were honored for not only having the largest female attorney percentage of all law firms surveyed, but also boasting the largest non-white attorney percentage of all education law firms represented.

By seeing individuals' common values and goals as our foundation, and maximizing the advantages our differences instill, our commitment to diversity enables us to provide innovative and superior legal services that reflect our unique understanding of the communities we not only represent, but of which we are also a part.

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