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National Student Data Privacy Agreement

F3 Law Releases California-National Data Privacy Agreement


Comply with Privacy Laws. Save Time and Money.

F3 Law recently published a new student data privacy resource, the California-National Data Privacy Agreement (CA-NDPA) which streamlines contracting between K-12 public school districts and software vendors, helping districts to comply with state and federal privacy laws and save time and money.   The CA-NDPA simplifies the contracting process by ensuring vendors comply with federal and California student data privacy laws regarding advertising, collection and use of student data, and data breach notifications.

“School districts have struggled for many years to ensure software contracts adhere to requirements that safeguard students' digital privacy,” said Andrea Bennett, Executive Director of California IT in Education (CITE).  “Negotiating with the technology industry can be time consuming and costly, as districts seek to ensure that contracts complied with laws protecting student records.”

Developed by F3 Law in partnership with CITE, the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), and the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA) with extensive feedback from schools, districts, state organizations, and marketplace providers, the CA-NDPA is a successor to the standard data privacy agreement that F3 Law and CITE created for California in 2018. Designed to balance the unequal bargaining between school districts and technology giants, the agreement was extremely successful and is now used by over 1000 school districts across the state. Building on that model, the CA-NDPA was created for use in all 50 states, with supplemental terms to address the nuances of California student privacy laws.  Released in November 2020, the CA-NDPA is supported by SDPC, CSPA, CITE, and the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF).

The CA-NDPA and additional resources are now available at: www.studentdataprivacy.net

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