NewsFlashes by Gretchen M. Shipley

No. 19-07
July 2019
School Smarts vs. Smart Phones: New Regulations for Smart Phones on Campus
No. 17-05
March 2017
CA Supreme Court: Personal Emails and Texts May Be Subject to PRA Requests
No. 15-08
April 2015
FTC Updates Federal Guidelines for Student Data Privacy
No. 14-30
September 2014
Governor Signs Three Bills Protecting Student Data Online
No. 14-28
September 2014
New Law Adds Workplace Bullying Training Requirement for Supervisors
No. 14-27
September 2014
Funding Available to Help Schools with Limited Internet Connections
No. 14-07
April 2014
PRA Does Not Require Disclosure of Communications by Public Officials Using Private Cell Phones or Email Accounts Inaccessible to Public Agency
No. 13-02
January 2013
New Privacy Law Limits Access to Social Media
No. 12-11
March 2012
School Districts Can Be Liable for Negligent Hiring/Retention of Employees Who Molest Students
No. 12-03
January 2012
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Request to Weigh-In on Student Cyber-Speech: Now What?
No. 11-52
October 2011
Two New Student Bullying Laws Require Revision to District Policies and Procedures
No. 11-44
September 2011
Ninth Circuit Holds that School District May Prohibit Teacher from Displaying Religious Banners in the Classroom
No. 11-32
July 2011
State Legislature Encourages School Districts to Take Affirmative Steps to Prevent Cyberbullying
No. 11-27
June 2011
School District Violated Student’s Rights by Disciplining Her for MySpace Parody of Principal
No. 10-78
September 2010
E-Rate Assessment Program
No. 10-56
June 2010
Court Finds Racist Emails Were Not Workplace Harassment
No. 10-43
April 2010
Requiring Documentation of Costs for Change Order Work Ensures Best Evidence Available in the Event of Litigation
No. 10-41
April 2010
Court of Appeals Sides with Students in Sexting Case
No. 10-38
April 2010
New EPA Rule Regulates Storm Water Discharge at School Construction Sites
No. 10-35
April 2010
Cyberbullying: Court Finds Messages Not Free Speech
No. 10-33
April 2010
Proposed Legislation Would Transfer School Design and Construction Oversight from State to Local Authorities
No. 10-27
March 2010
NCLB Overhaul: Significant Changes in Blueprint for Reform
No. 09-24
March 2009
Dramatic Increase in Homeless Students Impacts Both Students and School Districts
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