NewsFlashes by Lyndsy B. Rodgers

No. 12-25
July 2012
School District’s Refusal to Place Item on Board Meeting Agenda was Not Abuse of Discretion
No. 12-17
April 2012
Private Individuals Who Perform Services for the Government May Receive Qualified Immunity in §1983 Lawsuit
No. 11-62
November 2011
AB 1344 Enacts New Transparency and Accountability Measures for Public Agency Executive Contracts
No. 11-39
August 2011
Teacher Entitled to Qualified Immunity from Student Lawsuit for Making Allegedly Anti-Religious Comments During Class
No. 11-18
April 2011
No Notice or Hearing Requirement For Classified Reassignments Unless Change in “Position” or “Status”
No. 11-11
February 2011
Prevailing School Districts Cannot Recover Attorney’s Fees Against Parents or Attorneys Unless IDEA Claims Are Frivolous or Improper
No. 11-02
January 2011
Governor’s Proposed Budget Maintains Current Funding Levels for K-12 Schools
No. 10-81
September 2010
Diabetes Update
No. 10-77
September 2010
Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate Update and Checklist
No. 10-68
August 2010
LEAs May Sue the State Board of Education for Failure to Follow State Law When Approving “Statewide” Charter Schools
No. 10-61
June 2010
University May Deny Recognition and Resources to Student Organization That Excludes Students Based on Religion or Sexual Orientation
No. 10-56
June 2010
Court Finds Racist Emails Were Not Workplace Harassment
No. 10-48
May 2010
Teacher May Not Be Automatically Sanctioned for Multiple Drunk Driving Offenses Absent Analysis of Morrison Factors
No. 10-36
April 2010
OAH Weighs in on the Screening Versus Assessment Debate
No. 09-68
October 2009
Emails Are Not Education Records if They Are Not "Maintained"
No. 09-15
February 2009
Title IX, Barring Sex Discrimination in Federally Funded Education Programs, Does Not Preclude Section 1983 Action
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