NewsFlashes related to Business, Facilities, Real Estate, Construction & Energy

No. 16-15
November 2016
State School Bond Passes Promising New Facilities Funding
No. 16-14
November 2016
Lease-Leaseback Affected By New Legislation
No. 16-08
May 2016
New Appellate Court Decision Exempts Lease-Leasebacks from Competitive Bidding Process
No. 16-07
April 2016
Court of Appeal Split Decision Upholds Dismissal of Case That Challenged Adequacy of Funding for CA Public Schools
No. 16-01
February 2016
California Public Utilities Commission Preserves Net Energy Metering for Future Solar Projects
No. 15-19
October 2015
New Laws Impact Redevelopment Wind-Down Process
No. 15-16
August 2015
Governor Signs Bill Adding New Construction Contract Requirements
No. 15-09
June 2015
Appellate Court Allows Lease-Leaseback Challenge to Proceed
No. 14-39
December 2014
State Supreme Court Will Not Review Decision Exempting Lease-Leasebacks from Competitive Bidding
No. 14-37
November 2014
New Law Allows Sale and Consumption of Alcohol at Special Events on K-12 District-Owned Facilities
No. 14-27
September 2014
Funding Available to Help Schools with Limited Internet Connections
No. 14-26
September 2014
Lease-Leasebacks Are Exempt from Competitive Bidding, Court of Appeal Confirms
No. 14-22
August 2014
New Law Revamps Prevailing Wage Requirements and Labor Compliance Monitoring
No. 14-17
July 2014
New Civic Center Act Regulations Clarify Fee Calculations for Use of School Facilities and Grounds
No. 14-02
January 2014
Proposition 39 (Energy Efficiency) Planning Funds Application Period Is Open
No. 13-35
October 2013
New Law Imposes Significant Restrictions on Bond Issuance
No. 13-33
October 2013
New Contract Prequalification Procedures Deadline Is Fast Approaching
No. 13-16
May 2013
California Appellate Court Halts District’s Use of General Obligation Bond Funds for Field Lighting
No. 13-11
March 2013
Appellate Court Reaffirms Decision Striking Portions of District’s Parcel Tax
No. 13-09
February 2013
New Law Changes Prequalification Procedures for Certain Contracts
No. 13-03
January 2013
Appellate Court Will Rehear Borikas v. Alameda Unified School District
No. 13-02
January 2013
New Privacy Law Limits Access to Social Media
No. 12-48
December 2012
New Revenue and Loan Opportunities Will Provide Districts with Financing for Energy-Saving Projects
No. 12-47
December 2012
Under the Microscope: Capital Appreciation Bonds
No. 12-45
December 2012
Court of Appeals Decision Will Impact Many Parcel Tax Measures Statewide

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