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No. 12-43
October 2012
Civic Center Act Expanded to Allow Additional Cost-Sharing Fees Related to Rental of School District Facilities and Grounds
No. 12-41
October 2012
Court Confirms That Prop 39 Does Not Entitle Charter Schools to Facilities in a Specific Desired Location
No. 12-29
August 2012
Charter Schools Temporarily Given Priority to Lease or Purchase District Surplus Property
No. 12-27
July 2012
AB 1484: Further Changes to Redevelopment Agency Dissolution
No. 12-14
April 2012
District Liable for Extra Costs Associated with Completion of Public Contracts
No. 12-08
February 2012
AB 1X 26 & The End of Redevelopment: What Happens Next?
No. 12-06
January 2012
New Labor Compliance And Prevailing Wage Laws May Dim Solar Energy Projects If Not Strictly Complied With
No. 12-04
January 2012
Senate Bill 423 Imposes March 31 Deadline for Bond Committee Audits
No. 12-02
January 2012
Attorney General Opinion Confirms Narrow Application of Real Estate Negotiations Exception to Brown Act
No. 12-01
January 2012
California Supreme Court Upholds Law Abolishing Redevelopment Agencies
No. 11-59
November 2011
Redevelopment Update: Property Tax Litigation & November 10th Argument in AB X1 26/27 Lawsuit
No. 11-56
October 2011
New Law Restricts Retention Amounts for Public Construction Projects to No More than 5% of Total Contract
No. 11-55
October 2011
Renewed Financing for Energy Projects
No. 11-30
June 2011
Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Redevelopment Agencies
No. 11-24
June 2011
Law Giving School Districts Flexibility Regarding the Use of Surplus Real Property Proceeds Extended Until 2014
No. 10-86
October 2010
Stay Current on Developer Fees
No. 10-78
September 2010
E-Rate Assessment Program
No. 10-70
August 2010
Temporary Suspension of Processing Applications for Solar Incentive Plan Lifted
No. 10-64
July 2010
Temporary Suspension of Solar Incentive Program Alarming, but Demonstrates Success of Solar Projects
No. 10-62
July 2010
California Supreme Court Holds District Can be Liable to Contractors for Failing to Disclose Material Information
No. 10-45
May 2010
Recent Redevelopment Decisions Bring Good News for School Districts
No. 10-43
April 2010
Requiring Documentation of Costs for Change Order Work Ensures Best Evidence Available in the Event of Litigation
No. 10-40
April 2010
Earth Day 2010: A Move in the “Green” Direction
No. 10-39
April 2010
Conquer Your CEQA Anxiety by Filing a Notice of Exemption
No. 10-38
April 2010
New EPA Rule Regulates Storm Water Discharge at School Construction Sites

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