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No. 10-22
March 2010
Legal Decision Creates Further Uncertainty for California's Water Supply
No. 10-20
March 2010
Green Building Code Takes Effect January 1, 2011 For K-12 and Community College Construction
No. 10-18
February 2010
Amendments To CEQA Guidelines Concerning Greenhouse Gas Emissions Attempt To Breath Fresh Air Into CEQA Process
No. 10-17
February 2010
Calculation of District’s Redevelopment Payments Should Include ERAF Allocation
No. 10-15
February 2010
Solar Panel Security: Take Steps Early To Protect Your Investment In Clean Energy
No. 09-89
December 2009
Over $1.6 Billion in Modernization Funds and $80 Million in
No. 09-80
December 2009
All Unencumbered Construction Funds Eligible For Local Matching Funds Contribution
No. 09-76
December 2009
Riding the Wave into a New Era for Water Resources
No. 09-72
November 2009
Governor Vetoes Bill Restricting Retention of Public Work Contract Price to No More Than 5%
No. 09-61
September 2009
Solar Power Purchase Agreements

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