NewsFlashes related to Governance & Leadership

No. 19-05
April 2019
Online Fundraising in Public Schools
No. 18-12
October 2018
New Law Delays Term Starting Date for Newly Elected Board Members
No. 18-04
June 2018
New Policies on Immigrant Students Required by July 1
No. 18-03
May 2018
Reverse CPRA Liability for Attorney's Fees
No. 17-05
March 2017
CA Supreme Court: Personal Emails and Texts May Be Subject to PRA Requests
No. 17-01
January 2017
Important Changes to California Voting Rights Act Are Now In Effect
No. 16-10
August 2016
New Law Might Impact Timing of School Board Elections
No. 16-07
April 2016
Court of Appeal Split Decision Upholds Dismissal of Case That Challenged Adequacy of Funding for CA Public Schools
No. 15-15
August 2015
Governor Signs New Student Residency Bills
No. 15-12
August 2015
Attorney-Client and Work Product Privileges Are Not Waived Under Public Records Act by Inadvertent Release of Documents
No. 15-07
March 2015
New Contractor Registration Requirements Are Now in Full Effect
No. 15-06
March 2015
Changes to Healthy Schools Act Create New Pesticide Record-Keeping, Reporting and Training Obligations
No. 15-05
March 2015
PERB: EERA Covers Employee's "Professional" Relationship with Employer
No. 15-04
February 2015
PERB: Employees Have Right to Union Representation at ADA Interactive Process Meetings
No. 15-02
January 2015
PERB Finds Broad Directive Not to Discuss Workplace Investigation Violates Employee Rights
No. 15-01
January 2015
New Law Requires Districts To Hold At Least Two Public Hearings Before Adopting Trustee Voting Area Boundaries
No. 14-38
November 2014
CalSTRS New ‘Creditable Compensation’ Rules To Take Effect January 1, 2015
No. 14-37
November 2014
New Law Allows Sale and Consumption of Alcohol at Special Events on K-12 District-Owned Facilities
No. 14-36
November 2014
Appellate Court Upholds District’s Classification of Teacher as ‘Substitute’
No. 14-35
October 2014
New Law Requires ‘Reasonable’ Notice of Intent to Make Changes Falling Within Scope of Bargaining
No. 14-34
October 2014
Districts Must Provide Annual Training to Mandated Reporters Under CANRA
No. 14-33
October 2014
Community Colleges Pilot Program to Offer Bachelor’s Degrees Under New Law
No. 14-32
October 2014
Districts Must Stock and Provide EpiPens Under New Legislation
No. 14-31
October 2014
New Law Imposes Restrictions on Suspensions and Expulsions for ‘Willful Defiance’
No. 14-29
September 2014
9th Circuit Affirms Findings of Title IX Violations at District’s High School

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