NewsFlashes related to Labor & Employment

No. 17-09
July 2017
PERB Confirms School District Liability for "Blacklisting" Employee
No. 17-05
March 2017
CA Supreme Court: Personal Emails and Texts May Be Subject to PRA Requests
No. 17-03
January 2017
New Laws Impact Employee Compensation
No. 16-16
November 2016
California's New Marijuana Law: What Public School Employers Should Know About Proposition 64
No. 16-13
October 2016
New Law (AB 2393): School Employee Parental Leave Clarifications, Amendments and Extension
No. 16-06
April 2016
Court of Appeal Finds Teacher Statutes Are Constitutional
No. 16-04
March 2016
Supreme Court Split Upholds Union's Ability to Collect Agency Fees
No. 15-23
December 2015
District Must Disclose Documents Related to Former Employee’s Allegations Against Superintendent
No. 15-21
November 2015
Recent California Legislation: Additional Time-Off for Employees with Families
No. 15-18
October 2015
New Law Extends Differential Pay Benefit to Certificated Employee Maternity and Paternity Leave
No. 15-17
September 2015
New Law Changes Rules for Cash Settlements in Superintendents’ Employment Contracts
No. 15-14
August 2015
PERB Continues to Expand Right to Union Representation
No. 15-13
August 2015
Changes to CFRA Regulations Are Now In Effect
No. 15-11
July 2015
Governor Signs AB 304 to Amend Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014
No. 15-07
March 2015
New Contractor Registration Requirements Are Now in Full Effect
No. 15-05
March 2015
PERB: EERA Covers Employee's "Professional" Relationship with Employer
No. 15-04
February 2015
PERB: Employees Have Right to Union Representation at ADA Interactive Process Meetings
No. 15-02
January 2015
PERB Finds Broad Directive Not to Discuss Workplace Investigation Violates Employee Rights
No. 14-36
November 2014
Appellate Court Upholds District’s Classification of Teacher as ‘Substitute’
No. 14-35
October 2014
New Law Requires ‘Reasonable’ Notice of Intent to Make Changes Falling Within Scope of Bargaining
No. 14-28
September 2014
New Law Adds Workplace Bullying Training Requirement for Supervisors
No. 14-23
September 2014
Governor Signs Law Requiring Paid Sick Leave
No. 14-22
August 2014
New Law Revamps Prevailing Wage Requirements and Labor Compliance Monitoring
No. 14-21
August 2014
Board’s Failure to Formulate Written Charges Does Not Prevent Teacher’s Dismissal
No. 14-20
July 2014
PRA Exempts LAUSD from Naming Names When Disclosing Teachers’ Effectiveness Scores

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