NewsFlashes related to Litigation

No. 19-15
November 2019
New Law Opens Door to Old Claims of Childhood Sexual Assault
No. 16-02
February 2016
CDE’s Request Concerning Morgan Hill Litigation Does Not Require Districts to Disclose Student Information
No. 15-12
August 2015
Attorney-Client and Work Product Privileges Are Not Waived Under Public Records Act by Inadvertent Release of Documents
No. 15-03
January 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Pajaro Valley Special Education Case
No. 14-05
February 2014
Threats of Violence Justify School’s Decision to Prohibit American Flag Shirts
No. 13-36
November 2013
Child Abuse Reporting Law Does Not Provide Immunity to School Counselor or District for Confidentiality Breach
No. 13-28
August 2013
California Supreme Court: Trained, Unlicensed Personnel Can Administer Prescription Medications, Including Insulin
No. 13-13
March 2013
Court Holds Public Agency Must Disclose Officials’ Texts and E-Mails from Personal Accounts in Response to Public Records Act Request
No. 13-12
March 2013
Appellate Court Addresses Temporary Teachers
No. 13-11
March 2013
Appellate Court Reaffirms Decision Striking Portions of District’s Parcel Tax
No. 13-10
March 2013
FEHA May Require Employers to Provide Additional Time Off to Employees Who Exhaust Pregnancy Leave
No. 13-06
January 2013
Employee Successfully Sues Employer Under a State ‘Hate Crime’ Law Without First Exhausting Administrative Remedies Under FEHA
No. 12-49
December 2012
State Disabled Persons Act Allows Attorney Fees for Successful Defendants, ADA Notwithstanding
No. 12-38
October 2012
New Legislation Underscores Existing Student Fee Prohibitions and Moots Pending Litigation
No. 12-24
June 2012
District May Not Unilaterally Rescind Charges Against Teacher After Dismissal Hearing is Set, Without Facing Order to Pay Attorney’s Fees & Costs
No. 11-19
April 2011
Minor Plaintiff Satisfied Claim Presentation Requirement by Filing Application for Late Claim within One Year
No. 11-11
February 2011
Prevailing School Districts Cannot Recover Attorney’s Fees Against Parents or Attorneys Unless IDEA Claims Are Frivolous or Improper
No. 11-10
February 2011
Nominally Funded Mandates Are Unconstitutional But Courts Cannot Order the Legislature to Fund or Suspend Mandates
No. 10-54
May 2010
Title VII Discrimination Statute of Limitations Does Not Shield an Employer’s Continued Use of a Discriminatory Practice
No. 10-52
May 2010
Filing Requirements Applicable to Child Sexual Abuse Claims Against School Districts are Clarified
No. 10-42
April 2010
Supreme Court Endorses Enhancement of Attorney’s Fees Awards
No. 10-34
April 2010
School District Immune from Liability When Student from Another District Injured During Field Trip on its Grounds
No. 10-21
March 2010
Under the California False Claims Act, Submission of an Invoice Constitutes Certification of Compliance with Contract Terms
No. 09-73
November 2009
Public Agency Protected From Liability Due to Design Immunity
No. 09-69
October 2009
Illegally Seized Evidence Not Barred From Use in Administrative Disciplinary Proceedings
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