NewsFlashes related to Student Services & Special Education

No. 21-03
November 2021
2021 Legislative Actions: Practical Tips and Take-Aways
No. 21-02
July 2021
Independent Study- Implementation Guidance for AB 130
No. 21-01
July 2021
AB 104 Signed - Student Retention, Grade Changes & Graduation Options
No. 20-13
October 2020
Summary of New CA Legislation from the 2020 Legislation Session
No. 20-12
October 2020
Federal Laws Governing Services to Students with Disabilities Remain in Full Force
No. 20-11
September 2020
Timelines No Longer Tolled for Requests for Assessments and Records
No. 20-10
September 2020
UPDATED: COVID-19 Litigation Emerges at State and Federal Levels
No. 20-09
September 2020
SB 820 - Impact and Provisions of Newly Passed Ed Finance Bill
No. 20-08
August 2020
Cohorts and Small Groups at School - Guidance from CDPH
No. 20-07
July 2020
IEPs Must Document Emergency Distance Learning Services
No. 20-06
July 2020
New Distance Learning Laws Apply to General and Special Education Students
No. 20-03
March 2020
CA Relaxes Some Timelines Related to Special Education and Uniform Complaints
No. 20-02
March 2020
New Law Adds LEA NPA and NPS Monitoring and Reporting Obligations
No. 20-01
February 2020
Protections for Intradistrict and Interdistrict Transfers Bolstered by New Law
No. 19-14
October 2019
New Law Mandates Later Start Times for Middle and High Schools
No. 19-13
October 2019
Districts May Adopt Policies Permitting Parents to Administer Medicinal Cannabis
No. 19-12
October 2019
Assistive Technology - New Law Requires LEAs to Provide Students Greater Access
No. 19-11
October 2019
Expansion of Ban of Suspensions for Willful Defiance
No. 19-09
September 2019
California to Restrict Medical Exemptions from Immunizations
No. 19-08
August 2019
9th Circuit Clarifies Post-Settlement Access to Courts
No. 19-07
July 2019
School Smarts vs. Smart Phones: New Regulations for Smart Phones on Campus
No. 19-04
February 2019
New Law May Require Updates to Interdistrict Transfer
No. 19-03
January 2019
Restrictions Expanded to All Students on Use of Restraints and Seclusion
No. 18-09
October 2018
New Conditions for Continuance of Special Education Due Process Hearings
No. 18-04
June 2018
New Policies on Immigrant Students Required by July 1

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