Cyber Space and Student Discipline

Presentation by on October 31, 2009

Discipline in Space, Student Rights and School Responsibilities

Studies show the average age when a child gets his first cell phone is eight. What are the implications for this ubiquitous hand-held device and school disruption? From locker room abuses and cyber bullying to cheating, how is technology changing the education environment? What legal rights and obligations do today’s administrators have for managing cyber behavior?
Former principal at Beverly Hills High School and now senior cabinet member in the Las Virgenes USD, Dr. Dan Stepensoky described to school attorney Melanie Petersen cyber-related scenarios administrators face. A veteran education attorney, Ms. Petersen offered direction and suggestions for managing these situations. Ms. Petersen is a member of a panel appointed by the University of San Diego Center for Education Policy and Law (CEPAL), which is currently analyzing court rulings on student misuse of electronic communication devices (ECDs) to develop sample board policies that will guide districts in balancing punitive action for misuse vs. free speech rights.

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